Digital Order & Pay for Dine-In

Give limited service staff more hands with digital ordering and payment at the table.

contactless dine-in ordering - paperless payment and tableside ordering with apple pay

Complimentary Tabletop Signage

Designed and shipped to you. So you can focus on hospitality.

Mobile-Friendly Menus

Offer a digital menu you can update in real-time.

Ordering That Grows Your Reach

Collect emails and offer Apple Pay, saved payments, and loyalty.

Paperless Payments

Drop the bill and collect credit cards in under 30 seconds.

Complimentary Tabletop Signage

Customized to Your Brand

Get signage pre-customized to your ordering experience.

Shipped to Your Door

Focus on existing operations as we take care of setup for you.

Straightforward for Guests

Guests know exactly what to do when they sit down, saving your staff time.

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Dine-In Order & Pay available in the U.S. and Canada.

Branded, Mobile-Friendly Menus

Skip Unsustainable Single-Use Menus

Stop printing every time you add a new menu item or want to change a price. 

Turn Smart Phones Into Ordering Devices 

Show guests your up-to-date menu via a QR code — and take orders and payment — right at guests' seats. 

Expanded Info for Your Guests

Include pictures of menu items and  crucial information like ingredients and dietary restrictions.

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digital menu dine-in-ordering by bentobox

More Efficient Dine-In Ordering

Serve More Tables, See More Revenue

Increase speed to order, turning tables in less time and removing idle time.

Build Stronger Relationships

Send personal thank you's next-day from the owner and enroll guests in a loyalty program automatically.  

Keep Overhead Low

Reduce labor costs and deliver safer, faster service with your existing staff.

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We'll help you drive revenue, directly through your restaurant's website.

Step Into a Future That Scales

Paperless Ordering & Payment

Cut your costs with replacing paper menus and bills with digital menus and secure checkout for every order.

Keep Guests Happy

Drop the check and take payment at the same time. No more "Check, please!"

Grow Your Marketing Reach

Collect guest email addresses and phone numbers from every table automatically at checkout.

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paperless payment by bentobox - dine-in ordering