Local Listings for Restaurants

Take control of how your restaurant's important information is displayed across the Internet.

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Accurate, Everywhere

Up-to-date menus, hours and address across Google, Facebook and more.

Better Local Rankings

The more accurate your info is, the better your SEO and organic search traffic.

Time-saving, Automated Process

One dashboard. One login. Automatic updates everywhere you are listed.

Christian Pineda, Co-owner | Los Tacos No. 1

“Google is the first place our guests are finding us. We need to keep our information accurate, but we're also extremely busy. BentoBox does it for us automatically.”

Christian Pineda | Co-owner | LOS TACOS No. 1

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Update Info From Your Website

  • Control your menu, hours, and locations.
  • Correct info on Google Search, Maps and Local Pack.
  • Up-to-date menus are pushed to Facebook.
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Rank Better with Accurate Info

  • Verified info strengthens your SEO.
  • Content updates push directly to Google.
  • Consistent info creates trust with search engines. 
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More Time to Focus on Your Restaurant

  • Automated updates keep you in control.  
  • Update all your listings at once from your dashboard.
  • Less confusion online means more customers.
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How can I improve my restaurant's online presence?

Local listings can help you take control of how your restaurant's important information is displayed online.

How can BentoBox Local Listings help me?

BentoBox can help ensure your latest menus, hours, and address stay updated across Google, Facebook, and more.

BentoBox Solution

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Incorrect info leads to lost customers. Show correct hours, every time.

Updating your listings takes time. Do it automatically.

Inconsistent info hurts search rankings. Improve rankings with accuracy.

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