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BentoBox for Hotel Restaurants

Be a culinary destination, adored by locals and tourists alike, with a website that sets you apart from the hotel.

“Fairmont's restaurants make our hotels destinations for locals and tourists. There's a stigma that hotel restaurants are boring and lack identity—but that's not true. BentoBox gives our restaurants that competitive edge.”

Mansi Vagt | Vice President, Marketing & Brands | Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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Streamline Private Events

Store event details and inquiries in an easy-to-navigate backend.

Hospitality Experts

Website control at an affordable cost—plus industry best practices.

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Increase Your Traffic

Distinguish yourself online and drive traffic from guests and locals.

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Best-in-Class Design

Beautiful, mobile-first design that represents your brand.

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Drive More Revenue

Convert website visitors into customers with gift cards and merch.

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Own Your Relationships

Drive newsletter signups, customer reviews and press inquiries.