BentoBox regularly hosts webinars to provide restaurants with actionable marketing tips, industry insights, operational tips, and more. Find some of the recordings of our favorite webinars below.

The Power of Cocktail and Food Photography

Tune in as professional food photographer Brent Herrig of Culinary Creatives, walks you through how to take amazing professional photos for your business – all with your smartphone!

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Prepare for the holidays using our focused checklist

Tune in to get the keys to restaurant success during any holiday season.

  • Add New Ways to Order including Online Ordering, Pre-Order & Catering
  • Create Seasonal Menus highlighting your tasty offerings for the holidays 
  • Offer Merch & Gift Cards as a new way to secure guaranteed revenue
  • Plan Ticketed Events to capture engagement from new and existing customers
  • Inform Your Guests using built-in marketing tools
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A walkthrough of the BentoBox Marketing & Commerce Platform

Get a peek at the platform that delivers a seamless guest experience, accelerates growth, and helps restaurants thrive, all while saving you time. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll get to see the front-end guest experience and the intuitive backend dashboard.

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Social Media for Restaurants: 10 Keys to Success

Restaurants know social media is valuable, but they often struggle to unlock its value. Two leading experts share practical advice for creating a best-in-class social presence.

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3 Ways to Build The Modern Guest Experience

With the support of the right technology, learn how restaurants can build direct, and more personal relationships with their guests, driving repeat diners and more revenue in the process. 

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Online Ordering: Proven Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow

See the features you should look for in any online ordering platform. Plus, tips to optimize your menu and checkout. 

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Deep Dive into Contactless Dine-In Ordering

Use digital ordering & payment to enhance your service and safety, serving guests as soon as they're ready.

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How to Increase Your Online Ordering Revenue

We'll show you how to get more traffic, higher-value orders, and more diners  completing checkout. 

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The Federal Stimulus Bill and Your Restaurant

Listen to common FAQs from restaurants small and large across the country — all answered directly by a law firm.

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COVID-19: Helping Restaurants Pivot

Use your website to generate revenue through online ordering, gift cards, fundraisers, and more. 

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ADA and Website Accessibility

Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it applies to restaurants websites. 

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10 Fast Tips to Maximize Google My Business

How to increase traffic to and drive more engagement with your Google business listing.

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Boost Instagram Engagement and Take Better Photos

Learn how to take a flat lay photo and get tips for Instagram posts throughout the week. 

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Jumpstart Your Marketing Today

Take professional-looking photos, send better marketing emails, and get quick Instagram and Facebook advice.

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Preparing Your Restaurant for the Holidays

Restaurants can prepare for holiday season with tools that maximize revenue and streamline holiday operations. Watch this webinar to find out how. 

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