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BentoBox for Hospitality Groups

Bring all of your concepts on to one platform with websites that best highlight your brands and streamline operations.

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“BentoBox is better, less expensive and faster to change. Quality, speed and price. That's what wins.”

Danny Meyer | CEO | Union Square Hospitality Group; Founder | Shake Shack

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Drive Brand Awareness

Build a brand that your guests remember with a cohesive experience online.

Build Guest Relationships

Bring guests back to your restaurants. Create loyalty with a real bottom line.

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Expertise and Experience

Extensive experience with industry issues like digital accessibility. We arm your team with knowledge and support.

Grow With You

Easily add new concepts on a platform that has scaled with hundreds of hospitality groups. Again and again.

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Generate More Revenue

Get access to analytics, reservation and social integrations, and tools so you can optimize and grow.

Empower Your Operators

Give your team access to update the website post-launch. Quick. Easy. No training needed.